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GEXCO Offering is based on two basic parameters: first is the Comprehensive Management of open spaces (preferred stations stops buses, etc..) And other care and informs the client.

For this we develop and exercise the coordination and control of the Serbs of cleaning, security and maintenance of installations, provided all the information needed to perform the movements that are offered within the transport network on the island of Gran Canaria, way that helps promote the use of public passenger transport, we conducted a training program continues to help us improve our total quality system that meets our customers, employees and companies that collaborate to carry out our tasks in the best possible conditions.

In the bus station and stops preferential's mission is to:

  • Sorting and allocating the use of the platforms.
  • Communicate changes and impact of traffic within the facility.
  • Control of the services are performed in the facility, cleaning companies, maintenance and safety.
  • Customer service.
  • Informing the user of the times and routes of transport services between urban and interurban.
  • Receipt and processing of documentation for the purchase of travel tickets.
  • Receipt and processing of complaints and suggestions.
  • Lost property.
  • Sale of travel.